When I photograph an event, at it’s core, it's a story. It’s a completely unique story of that moment in time- a newborn coming home, a bride and groom embracing or a grandmother on her 85th birthday - and it's an important moment to hold still. My role as a photographer is to tell that story as honestly as I possibly can. 

I aim for a transparency in my photography that neither adds nor takes away from the moments that I am documenting. I want people to look back on these memories and remember it exactly as they experienced it. 


Honest Relationship

While a photographer’s photos are an important reason in selecting that photographer to document a Wedding, the relationship with that photographer is equally - if not more - important than their own portfolio.

Being chosen to document a wedding is being invited into the inner circle of someone’s life. Creating realistic photographs relies on having a trust and comfortable approach with those around me. 

I aim to create an environment where everyone feels safe and aware of being photographed - giving way to moments that are real and authentic.


I believe that every great photographer is an artist.  A great photographer can not only capture great images, but create images worthy of capturing! I feel that it is my job to both capture and create and that is exactly what I do!

I have learned that the art of creating photographs can be very personal & empowering. It means so much to me and to my subjects. It's something that strikes me at the core and I pour myself into each event.

The gifts, friendships, purpose & meaning photography has brought into my life are immeasurable and I am so very grateful that it chose me.